Annapolis Valley Regional Library

Policies & Procedures

Friends of the Library Policy


The Annapolis Valley Regional Library Board holds a positive view on the establishment of Friends of the Library groups. The Board defines “Friends of the Library” as a volunteer group of individuals with a common interest in library support and advocacy. The Friends of the Library exist to support the library’s mission, vision and values through various activities such as advocacy, promotion and fundraising.


1) The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will support the establishment of new Friends Groups, in consultation with the Branch Supervisor, and in coordination with the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC).

2) All Friends of the Library marketing, publications, and projects should be undertaken with full knowledge and guidance of the CEO, in consultation with the Branch Supervisor and CEC.

3) The CEO, BM, and the CEC should receive information regarding all Friends meetings, officers, plans, and purposes. Any public relations work undertaken by Friends should be done in collaboration with the CEC.

4) Friends of the Library are distinct and separate from the Library Board and library personnel and cannot assume their duties. As such, Friends of the Library groups will recognize the Board’s right to govern and the management’s responsibility to deliver library service.

5) Library Staff may act only in an advisory capacity.

6) Members of Friends of the Library, including AVRL Board members, should adhere to appropriate conflict of interest rules.

7) Operating expenses of the regional library are provided through allocation of public funds. Friends funds cannot be integrated into this budget, except through gifts for specific purposes.

8) An annual report shall be forwarded to the AVRL Board via the CEO. It shall include a list of the executive of the Friends of the Library as well as a financial statement. This report should be submitted shortly after each year end.

AVRL will support the activities of Friends groups by providing the following:

  •  Meeting space for Friends meetings and special events, subject to space availability;
  •  Support and advice of the Community Engagement Coordinator or designate;
  •  Access to photocopier for duplicating minutes and other official documents;
  •  Printing for membership applications and cards, and for publicity materials; 
  •  Annapolis Valley Regional Library Friends of the Library Handbook;
  •  Orientations and ongoing skills development; 
  •  Financial management and purchasing services;
  •  Coordinate opportunities for Friends Groups to meet on an annual basis to facilitate networking, and professional development.

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