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Creative Contraptions

Thursday, Dec 07, 2017 04:00pm to 06:00pm

Join other mad scientists, super heroes and inventors for an afternoon of creative engineering. Using cardboard, LEDs, and motors we will assemble heroic gear such as wearable robot arms, magical tiaras and helms of power. Those who wish to create a minion to do their bidding can work on a motor driven walking robot. Make it cute or make it fearsome...the choice is yours! Led by local "Pretendgineer" and Maker Ian McKay, you will think with your hands as you use simple mechanics, electronics and your imagination to create your contraptions. All materials will be provided, the workshop is free and you get to keep what you create. A perfect workshop for inventors, wizards, warrior princesses and future superheroes of all kinds. Ages 8-15. Adults very welcome with young inventors. Registration is required.

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